Here is the link to the Broomfield VOAD Bylaws.


Broomfield VOAD and our Participant organizations have agreed to abide by the National VOAD Points of Consensus, a copy of which is available here.


Our partners at The Refuge have prepared an Emotional and Spiritual Care video with pointers on taking care of yourself while volunteering in disaster relief.


Mike Young, Organizer of the Colorado Preparedness Educational Network, presented “An Introduction to Being Prepared” on November 9, 2021. The presentation can be viewed at this link.


The City and County of Broomfield and Broomfield VOAD have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU.) Participants in Broomfield VOAD will be asked to sign this MOU as well. A copy of the MOU can be found here.  A ‘CliffsNotes’ guide has been prepared by the Broomfield VOAD to help our Participants understand some of the legalese.


The City of Broomfield has prepared a “Citizens’ Preparedness Guide” that addresses what should be done before, during, and after a disaster in Broomfield. Additionally, the guide has a great section on Home Safety and Security. Click here for a PDF of the guide.


Looking for even more ideas on what to include in your Emergency Preparedness Kit? The Jefferson County Emergency Management Agency in Birmingham, Alabama has some great ideas on their Emergency Preparedness Kit Checklist.


Part of being prepared for emergencies is learning from our experiences. Lessons learned by managing prior disasters and emergencies should be shared before they are forgotten. To that end, the Colorado Recovery and Resiliency Collaborative has prepared the Local Government Guide to Recovery.  A copy of this valuable resource can be found here.


In the fall of 2019, we hosted two community information meetings. The link to our Power Point presentation can be found here.